Advancing clean energy to the next frontier with floating solar

At Third Pillar Solar we are dedicated to accelerating the clean energy transition by preserving and maximizing the value of water resources through the development of floating solar projects.

Why Floating Solar?

Floating solar is widely recognized as the third pillar in the photovoltaic (PV) solar market after ground-mounted and rooftop systems.

There are many benefits from installing floating solar on existing bodies of water such as reservoirs, wastewater plants, and quarries.

Benefits of Floating Solar Projects

Saves Water

Shading the water with floating structures can significantly decrease evaporation and improve water quality by reducing algal growth.

Maximizes Utilization

Allows for on-site clean energy generation using minimal land and existing infrastructure whenever possible, without impacting the primary use of the water.

Proven Technology

Over 500 projects have been deployed globally, including on drinking water and industrial reservoirs, quarries, and gravel pits.

Safe Materials

Floats are made from food-grade HDPE plastic, and biodegradable oil is used in the transformers.

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